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Australia is an excellent destination for international candidates who are willing to explore its wide education system. It occupies the third position when it comes to the best destination for studies after the UK and the USA. The country also resides eight most famous universities in the world. Australian tertian education consists of universities and vocational languages with 22,000 courses for overseas students.

Why do you need to study MBBS in Australia?

It is well known overseas education is expensive. But when it comes to studying in Australia, it is affordable than other destinations. The country provides a high-class education, a multicultural society, and excellent living conditions. It is worth to pursue MBBS in Australia as it offers value for money, intensive and short courses. They quickly integrate the latest trends in management and marketing and modern innovations in science and technology.

Top Best Educational Destinations for studying MBBS in Australia:

Australia attracts more than 30,000 overseas students to its top towns and cities. Some of the famous Australian cities among Indian students include Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and Melbourne. These cities have been reported best based on university choice, livability, and cost of living.

Benefits of pursuing Medical Courses in Australia:

Several factors have made Australia the best international medical education destination. It includes:

When you have decided to study MBBS in Australia, it is necessary to get the best guidance. Medmission is one of the successful overseas education consultants that make sure students get placed with top MBBS colleges that has goodwill and reputation all over Australia. Do not wait or keep researching for the best consultants. Consult Medmission and get a solution for your overseas medical education dream.

Cost of living and studying in Australia:

If a candidate wishes to study MBBS Courses in Australia, then it is mandatory to show financial resources proof. Moreover, the student has to make sure that he/she has sufficient funds to complete the studies in Australia and also manage the living expenses in the initial years of schooling in Australia.

The students have to fulfill the financial requirements set by the Department of Citizenship and Immigration when planning to get an education in Australia. The student should have the medical course fee, funds equal to a return airfare to Australia and also AUD 20,300 for living expenses according to the school and place of living. If the candidate is married, the candidate should have an additional AUD 7100 for the partner.

What are the scholarships available for Indian students to study MBBS in Australia?

Australian universities offer scholarships, bursaries, and grants to assist students financially while studying in Australia. Remembers, Australian universities provide more than 3000 scholarships for MBBS program.

Australian Embassy offers fully-funded scholarships for Ph.D., MBA, Master, and Undergraduate programs.  General scholarships for pursuing Honors and Bachelor’s program in Australia are as follows:

Courses to Study in Australia

Some of the famous fields selected by Indian students to pursue and master in Australia are as follows:

After completing the course, the student can enter into numerous kinds of career paths.


Eligibility Necessities for MBBS Program in Australia:

When you are applying for a student visa, English language proficiency is very important. The Australian Department of multicultural affairs and immigration accepts only the IELTS test when it comes to student visa purposes. Remember, Australian education institutions accept students only with the necessary level of English language proficiency. The universities and institutions have set their unique requirements and it may differ from institute to another. It is best to check the prospectus or educational consultants before applying.

Undergraduate courses need either Australian School Certificate- 12 years of education or overseas education equivalent to high school matriculation qualification with good grades in the appropriate subjects.

To apply for PG courses, the candidate should have completed the three years or more UG program. If the candidate has work experience or research ability, it will be taken into consideration. GRE is not needed for post-graduation courses. GMAT is mandatory for international students applying for management courses.

Top MBBS Colleges in Australia:

Visa Requirements:

The student visa is offered mostly upon the course you are selecting. Some of the requirements are as follows:

If you are finding hard to get these documents, do not worry. At Medmission, our team is ready to assist you in complete visa processing.

How to Apply?

If you require assistance with living arrangements, institution applications or visa procedures, consult Medmission for assistance.

Most students try to apply on own directly to the university or college they wish to study. It is a good option only if you are aware of the country and know about the places. If you are completely new, it is best to get help from educational consultants. We give you complete details about the options for living and studying MBBS in Australia and also assist with visa and study applications. The best part of working with admission consultant like Medmission is you can get updated course information immediately. We give information as per your needs.


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