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Italy is one of the famous overseas education destinations in the world. It is an excellent option for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees to international students. As the country houses some of the oldest and best universities across the globe, Italy is popular for imparting quality education. Furthermore, the country is filled with distinctions, the breathtaking natural landscapes and Mediterranean, charming old towns, simple and delicious food, and passionate people. Due to these reasons, Italy always remains the first choice for foreign education.

Medmission is a leading foreign education consultancy in India that specializes in the study in Italy. If you have been thinking about pursuing your education in Italy, we will help and guide you by offering exact information and making the right decisions.

Why Study In Italy?

·         Top universities and a wide variety of specialties

·         Can obtain scholarship or grant by applying in public universities

·         Some universities provide even dormitory accommodation, where the cost would be approximately 300 Euros per month.

·         The students can use student visas and move across Europe and enjoy various bonuses such as discounts on flight tickets, services and goods, and more.

·         Work permit after completion of the course

·         The majority of the courses are instructed in English

·         The course duration for the Bachelor’s program is three years and not four years in Italy.

·         Enrolling at one of the best universities in Italy is easy and low cost- due to this many international students choose Italy.

·         Students can work part-time and earn approximately 10 Euros per hour.

·         The tuition fee in private universities is very less when compared to other destinations.

·         No IELTS/GRE required. To study in Italy, GRE is just an option. The student has to only submit the certificate proving that English is his/her medium of instruction.

·         Italy is an excellent combination of the exceptional class of life and affordable living costs.

·         It has the best weather where students can easily get adapted.

·         During vacations, the students can work full time.


About Country

Italy is a gorgeous country situated in Southwestern Europe. It is the best option for students who wish to specialize in business, language, and humanities. Furthermore, Italians are famous for being social and you can easily get along and make friends quickly. Italy houses several automobile companies such as Vespa, Maserati, Fiat, Ferrari, and Lamborghini. On average, the cost of living in Italy would vary from 600 to 900 Euros per month. With its diverse natural landscape, strong historical atmosphere, and breathtaking sites, Italy would surely offer international students an inspirational cultural experience.

How is the education system in Italy?

Italy plays an important part in the latest enhancement of higher education referred to as the Bologna Process that developed the European Segment of Higher Education. The education system in Italy went through reformation based on the Bologna Process in the 1990s that focused on developing a harmonious system of education all through Europe. Higher education in Italy is developed in the binary system containing two major articulations like the non-university sector and the university sector. There are about 89 universities under the university sector and they are classified under the following sections.

·         Telemetric universities – 6

·         Higher schools dedicated to postgraduate university education- 6

·         Universities for foreigners – 2

·         Non-state universities that are recognized by the state – 17

·         State universities that are public bodies endowed with bookkeeping autonomy managerial, financial and scientific- 58

In the same way, the non-university sector consists of 4 education typologies along with their institutions.  Also, the course duration for the Bachelor’s program in Italy is three years and the duration for the Master’s program in Italy is two years.

Scope of Higher Education

One of the important factors for Indian students to choose to study in Italy is the skill shortage in Italy. The population in Italy is less and there is a continuous requirement for quality professionals in domains like technology, medicine, engineering, hospitality, healthcare, etc. Thus, there is a good scope for further job opportunities for students who are studying in Italy. College admission and intakes begin in September in Italy.

If you wish to pursue your studies in Italy through scholarship or at no cost, we suggest you apply at least eight to ten months in advance from the admission date. The government also provides approximately 5600 Euros during the studies, which you can use for the expenses.

About Bachelors Program

If you are applying for a Bachelor's program in Italy or enrolling in one of the top Italian universities, you need to submit a legal school certificate that confirms you have completed high school education in your country. When it comes to a Bachelor's degree, there are two semesters in an academic year. It takes around three years to complete the Bachelor’s program in Italy. Semester 1 runs from September till February and Semester 2 is from February till July. The course duration for medical courses is approximately six years and it takes around five years to complete law courses. Some of the top Bachelor programs in Italy are as follows:

·         Psychology

·         Engineering

·         Biology

·         Religious studies

·         Political science

·         International affairs

·         Communication

·         Economics

·         Business Administration

·         Fashion Designing and much more.


About Master Program

Studying a Master's program in Italy is said to be a prestigious and best opportunity. The University of Bologna is the oldest. Along with it, several universities have been existing for centuries. Italy is the best choice for the Master’s program because:

·         Research opportunities: Being an important member of the European education community, universities in Italy have excellent associations with several institutions around the continent.

·         Affordable tuition fees: The public universities are popular as tuition fees are affordable for both international and domestic students.

·         Wide range of courses: By studying Master's in Italy, you can explore and land up in excellent opportunities and educational qualifications.

It takes about two years to complete a Master’s degree in Italy. It is awarded after securing 120 ECTS. It is made up of seminars, electives, core courses, and dissertation. The Master Program consists of four semesters and the student will be having a summer holiday between the first year and second year.

Most of the Master’s program will consist of coursework, group work, tutorial, and lectures. If you have selected the engineering or science program, you will be doing practical sessions. The main reason for designing a unique study program is to provide enhanced knowledge of the subject along with research, interpersonal and technical skills. The fourth semester will be devoted to the dissertation where it would be based on theory, a research project, or a placement project.

Top Universities in Italy

·         University of Milan

·         University of Florence

·         University of Bologna

·         University of Padova

·         University of Pisa

·         University of Sienna

·         University of Pavia

·         University of Milano- Bicocca

·         University of Camerino

·         University of Catania


Academic Calendar

There will be two-semester in an academic year. The exact start and finish date of the semester depending upon the university or college you are applying and it differs from one to another. Each semester would take around 20 weeks. It consists of a teaching period which lasts for about 14 weeks. The examination period would be approximately 6 weeks.

Teaching and Learning

Most universities and colleges conduct classes in large halls. It depends upon the course and the number of students. The students are requested to carry the necessary materials and utilize self-study items to prepare for the examinations.


The exams are conducted both in oral and written forms. For most courses, written tests will be conducted at the time of the semester or prior to the oral examination. The students have the freedom to choose their exam date from the dates shortlisted by the university or college. If needed, they can appear for the exam again mainly when they are not satisfied with the marks secured or results. The college or university will share all the rules that the student has to follow while appearing and while taking up the exam the next time.


Tuition fees in Italy are reasonable and less since the majority of the universities get public financial assistance. Moreover, there are several postgraduate and undergraduate scholarships present for foreign students exclusively by colleges or universities and governments for admittance to the best colleges or universities in Italy.

Just like Italian students, international students can study in Italy by utilizing the scholarships, considering the academic and funds qualifications. Also, there are several government scholarships present at the regional and national level where international students can consider applying. Some of the lists of scholarships are as follows:

·         NABA Calls for Foreign Talents

·         Boccioni Scholarships for International Students

·         Domus Academy Scholarship Competition

·         Bursaries from Universities

·         The Fulbright Commission offers several funding options

Besides these, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides scholarships for international students who wish to study in Italy. Italian government offers this need-based scholarship of about 5200 Euros for one year and it can be extended for the following year.


Part-time Job Opportunity

As per Italian immigration terms and conditions, the international students are permitted part-time work, but it should not be committed to more than 20 hours in a week. But if you want to work in Italy, you should be able to communicate in the Italian language. There would not be much space to converse in the English language while working. Some of the part-time jobs available for students include magazines, newspapers, supermarkets, call centers, and bars. If you want to learn more about the part-time job opportunities in Italy, get in touch with our Medmission education consultant team.

Cost of Living

Studying at the University of Rome or colleges is more expensive than the other Italian cities. Approximately, the cost of living would range from 1000 to 1500 Euros per month. It includes local travel, entertainment, food, and accommodation costs. It is a rough estimate and it can differ from one student to another.


·         The student should have secured 65% in their final examination. Backlogs are accepted.

·         Two Letter of recommendation and Statement of Purpose

·         The medium of instruction certificate or letter signed by the college

·         Work experience letter (if you have worked previously)

·         Provision certificate transcript

·         Resume

·         Passport copy

·         12th certificate and mark sheet

·         10th certificate and mark sheet

·         If you are applying for a Master’s, graduation certificate and mark sheet

·         The medium of education or IELTS scorecard

Admission and Deadlines

If you are applying to public universities, you should submit 45 to 50 days before the deadline. When you want to apply to private universities, you need to submit 15 days in advance. April 5 is the last date for September intake.


How to apply?

Step 1: Find a program and university. We suggest you research and compare the universities in Italy along with their special fields.

Step 2: Collect necessary original documents and their copies that require attestation by the designated State or Union territory authorities. The External Affairs Ministry legalizes the papers on the grounds of the sign of selected signing consultants of the Union Territory or Chambers of Commerce or State Government.

Step 3: Original documents have to be translated into the Italian language.

Step 4: DOV or declaration of value is a short official document that consists of professional or academic qualification, presented to a particular person by the institution. It consists of information such as the legal status and condition of the awarding university, the validity of the educational qualification, and the duration of the study program.

Step 5: We take complete care of visa procedures, pre-departure, and visa assistance. Our experienced team will perform the necessary formalities and help the students in preparing the necessary documents.


Our Services

It is a challenging decision to search and apply to one of the top universities in Italy. When you connect with our Medmission team, one of our experienced educational consultants will invest effort and time in planning and assist you in making a well-informed decision. According to the student’s financial status, education goals, work experience, career goals, and academic qualifications, our team member will assist you in selecting the right course and the best college or university that suit your financial, academic, and personal profile after analyzing your profile.

The student is responsible for enrolling and arranging the documents after shortlisting the university. Our best educational consultants will check whether the student’s document caters to the guidelines of the university. We will compile admission and other documents in advance to prevent hassles at the time of the application procedure. Also, we assist students to apply individually to college or university and check through the university guidelines.

Once the documents are checked and approved by our experts, we will forward it to the universities. The Universities in Italy take about 20 to 30 days to evaluate the application and see whether the students meet college or university requirements. Once the students obtain the offer letter, we help students in the Visa application procedure.

If you wish to know more about the procedures involved in applying to Italian Universities, get in touch with our Med Mission team.

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