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New Zealand has secured the second position on the 2019 Global Peace Index and is appreciated as the safest country for the students. The country is popular for a responsive and advanced education system and globally ranked universities along with the combination of climate, economy, culture, and opportunities suitable for the Indian students. New Zealand’s unspoiled scenery makes your study trip worth every penny.

Why New Zealand is the best option for Medical studies?

One of the top destinations for overseas studies in the world is New Zealand. It is a favorite country for the majority of the Indian students who are planning to study MBBS Courses in abroad. Some of the main reasons you should select New Zealand for your MBBS studies are as follows:

Excellent pedagogy: As New Zealand follows the UK education and teaching methodologies, the country gives importance to research-based teaching. It means the candidate can learn by handling situations in an organized and systematic manner. The student would know to work independently and also with the team at different levels.

Globally Recognized Qualifications: Almost eight medical universities of the country usually rank top position in Times Higher Education Rankings and QS World Rankings. So, qualifications from these universities known all over the world have chances to open numerous opportunities for the students.

Research and Innovation: New Zealand offers sufficient research opportunities for scholars. The country holds colleges, universities, and institutes with well-equipped laboratories, high experienced faculties and with all access to the latest opportunities, equipment, and technology.

Peaceful and Safe: As mentioned earlier New Zealand has occupied the second position in terms of Global Peace. Being an international student, you do not have to worry about rights as you will get the same rights enjoyed by the Kiwi democracy.

Great Scope

MBBS students can enjoy a lot of research opportunities along with extra privileges. They are allowed to pay a reasonable tuition fee just like the locals and also work full time along with studies.

Quality of life

In New Zealand, the student can enjoy a multicultural environment that is present in perfect collaboration with the outdoorsy lifestyle. With all types of natural landscapes varying from steaming volcanoes and snowcapped mountains to lush rainforests, golden sandy beaches, and rolling green hills, New Zealand is perfect for wanderlust souls.  

Part-Time Work

International students can work apart from their college and study hours. If the student is pursuing a MBBS degree or research master's degree, they are permitted to work full-time. 

Selecting your course to study in New Zealand:

There are numerous courses provided by the institutes across New Zealand. If you are looking to get your first degree or wish to pursue your postgraduate degree to get more knowledge in a particular field or willing to do research masters or Ph.D. New Zealand is the place for you. It will be a different experience as the culture and geography of the country offers numerous opportunities to master subjects that are hard to learn at the UK University.

Top Subject Areas to study in New Zealand:

How much does it cost to study MBBS in New Zealand?

When you are pursuing higher studies in New Zealand, you have to pay a yearly or term fee to the institute. The amount is moderate or reasonable when compared to other developed countries. We have shared a rough estimation of how much your education expenses would cost in New Zealand.

The Education System in New Zealand:

New Zealand houses several ITPs (Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics) and PTEs (Private Training Establishments) that provide vocational degree level certification, education, and diploma. There are three kinds of institutions. Universities offer Ph.D., postgraduate degree and diploma and undergraduate degree courses. ITPs or Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics offer certificates, postgraduate diplomas, and graduate diploma courses. PTEs or Private Training Establishments provide diploma and certificate courses. 

Financial Assistance:

If the candidate wishes to reduce the tuition fee expenses, the candidate can make use of certain financial aids. It includes fellowships, bursaries, grants and scholarships provided by the colleges/universities in New Zealand. These aids are offered by private institutions as well as by the government institutions. As several students apply, we recommend applying through Medmission. We help you in submitting your college application and scholarship form and also get quick approval.

Academic Year:

When it comes to higher education MBBS programs, New Zealand has two intakes. They are February and July. We recommend checking the prospectus to know the exact details about the intakes for particular year of study.

Learning English:

As communication in daily life and entire classroom learning involved in English, we recommend you to possess excellent English communication skills. If your proficiency is limited, you should enroll for an English language course prior to applying for college admission.            

New Zealand Visa Requirements:

There are four kinds of student’s visas in New Zealand. They are Fee Paying Student Visa, Exchange Student Visa, Pathway Student Visa and Foreign Government Supported Student Visa. Indian students mostly need Fee Paying Student Visa. When you are pursuing your education in New Zealand, it is necessary to Fee Paying Student position. The position relates to the reason or purpose you arrive in New Zealand.

Documents Needed for Fee Paying Student Visa:

How Medmission helps in your New Zealand study MBBS dreams?

We are one of the leaders in New Zealand educational services. We have several years of experience in the industry and know the right practices that will help you in achieving your abroad study dream. We provide various services with the help of our experienced staff and make sure your New Zealand education is rewarding and bright. Our services include New Zealand course advice, visa application assistance, preparation for departure, and free New Zealand education counseling. If you have any doubts or wish to know how to start, feel free to consult our experts. We are available as per your convenient timings.


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