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UK or United Kingdom is one of the popular study destinations in the world. The country is proud to house traditional educational institutions and universities that were present from the 12th or 13th centuries. Popular for its innovation, culture, history, and language, the average student retention rate in the UK is 82%. Having complete support systems in position for overseas students, pursuing education in UK is surely a life-transforming experience.

Why to study MBBS in UK?

Most Indian students choose UK as their favorite study destination for MBBS. It is because of various reasons and they are as follows:

  1. Quality Education: The QAA (Quality Assurance Agency) is a self-governing body in the country that continuously monitors the education values of all the colleges and universities in UK. Apart from checking the routines through subject reviews and audits, QAA helps in determining the top educational performances and shares feedback for managing. Remember, the UK advanced education funding bodies also examine these research standards. All these ensure the students can obtain the best quality of teaching, research and learning regardless of the course they pursue.
  2. Academic Excellence:  It is well known that the UK Universities are known for excellent academic standards. Moreover, the top four out of the top ten MBBS universities around the world are from the United Kingdom.
  3. Short Term courses: The best part of studying MBBS in UK is the course duration is short and intensive than in other countries. It means the candidate can be a graduate soon without negotiating on quality. It saves money and time the candidate spends on living costs and tuition fees.
  4. Health Benefits: International students can make use of free medical treatment through the NHS (National Health Service) when learning in the UK.
  5. Explore Europe: As UK is connected to top European countries such as Belgium, Netherlands, and France, it is possible to discover numerous places when you are in UK.
  6. Part-Time Work: The students can manage their daily living expenses by doing various part-time jobs. During semester breaks, they can work full time. This way, they can easily gain industry expenses and pay their bills.
  7. Job Opportunities: Candidates completing their graduate or post-graduate program in UK can enjoy higher work and job opportunities. It is a major advantage for any overseas student for pursuing MBBS. The candidate can get a strong foundation to improve their skills and prospective for better salary packages. 

At Medmission, we have a team of trained consultant who would assist in figuring and sorting out the best Medical University or MBBS colleges from numerous options as per your needs. We help you in selecting the MBBS courses that is right for you and that assist you in the future. 

Is it expensive to study MBBS in UK?

Most people think that it is expensive to study MBBS in UK. It may be slightly expensive but you can easily plan an effective budget and manage the expenses to enjoy a decent living in UK. Before arriving from India, you need to consider expenses such as travel, health coverage, food and accommodation along with the tuition fee. All these details will help you to know the rough cost of living and studying expenses in UK. 

Top Ranking Medical Universities in UK:

Upcoming Intakes in the UK 

Most colleges, schools, and universities have a single intake system. But in the UK, they provide two to three intakes. The intakes are also referred to as semesters.  The three intakes are as follows:

Are you wondering which intake to select? Well, you need to consider factors such as your readiness to join, job opportunities, acceptance rates, entrance test scores, academic records, and preferred program while making a decision. 

Most Indian students choose September intake but for MBBS programs, April and January intakes are exceptionally good. If you are still confused in making a well-informed decision, then you have to book a counseling session with Medmission. Our experienced education consultant will advise you on course selection, available intakes, visa procedures, and application submission.   

How to apply to UK University for MBBS? 

It is simple and fast to apply and study MBBS in UK with Medmission admission consultant. We assist you in choosing in finding the best MBBS Colleges in UK

How do we work?

First consultation: Our experienced overseas education consultant will clarify the procedure of applying MBBS to the UK University. Share your career and study goals.

Select where you wish to study: Our admission consultant will check your academic education and suggest the top three universities where you will get offers.

Develop your application: Further, our education consultants will review your CV, personal statement, application forms, and reference letters before submission or before sending it to medical universities.

Determine your English level: By taking an IELTS test, you can assess the current level of your language proficiency.

Get the university offer: We will help in making a good choice once you receive unconditional or conditional offers for studying MBBS in UK.

Get your UK visa: Our student visa service center will assist in obtaining a Tier 4 visa to pursue an education in the UK.   

Free Application Service by Medmission: 

Medmission provide free application support and services that help in maximizing your opportunities of being approved for the course in a top UK Medical Colleges. We offer this service free of cost to all Indians. We have a close association with leading medical universities in UK and let you to benefit by having your application revised before other submissions. Moreover, we ensure that your application reaches the management fast than you apply on own. 

With the help of our education consultant services, more than 99% of applicants have received admission offers from the university they wished. When you apply independently, there is no surety that you would receive a reply for the mail.  We have placed thousands of candidates in the top MBBS Colleges in UK. If your dream is to pursue your medical studies in UK, get in touch with Medmission now. 

What is included in our free services? 

Experienced and Expert Education Consultant: 

At Medmission, we ensure to offer expert guidance and counseling for choosing MBBS courses across universities in UK. We offer impartial and complete details about medical education. Most of our students are references from existing and previously satisfied, successful and happy students. 

Forex Support:

We provide guidance and support on Forex exchange. Our consultants assist in preparing traveling cheques, international debit cards, exchange of currency, wire transfers and demand drafts. 

Financial Assistance:

We have knowledge and experience in dealing with all top national banks offering loans at reasonable rates. We coordinate our clients with several approved private banks and financial institutions offering loans. 

If your only goal is to study MBBS in UK, we make your dream true with our support. Contact us for more details.


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