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Do you have a dream to pursue your MBBS studies in the USA? Well, we help in making your dream true through our comprehensive services.

The USA is a highly developed nation that resides in some of the mind-blowing landscapes and most exciting cities in the world. It is one of the approachable native countries in the world. Independence is the major hallmark of the United States culture. The country has an advanced education system and completely differs from other countries. It attracts a large number of overseas students every year.

Education Systems in USA

The USA has a flexible education system in the world. The students can study and master in specific areas as per their interests. In the USA, the education system is not centralized. It means each institute has its admission standards and program. Certain MBBS Universities and colleges in the country focus on broad educational principles but the other focuses on employment-related and practical skills. However, some universities focus to give education on technical, social sciences and medical fields. American universities and colleges provide three basic programs such as:

Cost of Studying and Living:

On average, the total yearly expenses including lodging, boarding, books, and fees would range from INR 13 lakhs to INR 35 lakhs. It mostly depends upon the university the student is studying. Most of the GCE students get admission in the government approved and supported universities, where the students can get a quality education. Moreover, the tuition fee will be reasonable. The students can financial assistance such as graduate, teaching or research assistantships, tuition fee waivers.

It is beneficial for the students to have a bank account for easy money transactions. Most college students make use of ATM or MAC cards. Other than this, debit cards and credit cards are possible payment options.

Universities and Courses:

There are more than 3500 universities in the country and provides a broad option of selecting from more than 1000 courses. More than 90% of the novel laureates in the world teach in the United States universities.

Popular Programs in the United States:

High Ranged Universities:

Eligibility Requirements to Study MBBS in USA:

The United States universities do not approve the three years programs like B.Com, B.Sc or B.A offered in India for admission to Masters Program. The basic requirement to study MBBS in USA is four years of Master's or Bachelor's degree and sixteen years of school education with good grades like first class or above to pursue an MS program in top medical Colleges. Besides, the students should clear TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, GMAT/GRE to get admission and financial assistance in top US universities and to get a visa without any hassle.


One of the interesting and motivating factors to study medical courses in USA is getting financial assistance in the form of fellowships, tuition fee waivers, graduate/research assistantships, etc. Numerous international organizations assist students from various parts of the world to pursue education in USA.

List of organizations that provide scholarships/aids are as follows:

Application Procedures:

It is very challenging to get admission in top MBBS universities in USA as there is a lot of competition. Each department or university follows its admission requirements.


The Medical Program in the US has three intakes. They are Summer- April or May, spring – January or February and Fall- August or September. The fall intake is the main intake. However, most of the universities remain open to admit candidates in spring and some for summer intake.

Language Requirements: The student should have the necessary English language proficiency to pursue their education in the USA. For undergraduate studies, the student should secure a TOEFL score of about 70 to 80 and for postgraduate, the TOEFL score should be 80 to 90. When you have secured such a decent score in TOEFL, Medmission can easily help you in getting MBBS college admissions in the USA. In the same way, the IELTS score for postgraduate studies should be 6.5 to 7 band and undergraduate studies; it should be 6.0 to 6.5 bands. More than 3000 institutions/colleges in the USA are familiar with PTE and IELTS exam as well as several leading institutions. 

Eligibility Requirements to Study MBBS in USA:

Admission Guidance at Medmission

With a wide range of academic options among colleges, universities, destinations, and courses provide in the United States, making the best decision is challenging. Medmission has collaborated with top medical universities in the US. Our association with the top MBBS colleges and universities enhances the chances of getting admission in the university as per student’s choice. Our partnered institutions are happy to team with Medmission as we send relevant and complete applications.

We offer step by step assistance for your USA education application procedure. It includes certain important stages that maximize your probabilities of obtaining admission to the university or institute of your wish.

Step 1: Free counseling by the USA study experts

Step 2: Determine University, Course and City of Study

Step 3: Appropriate Test preparation

Step 4: Application preparation and editing

Step 5: Processing of application

Step 6: Mock interview session or interview preparation

Step 7: Admission confirmation

Step 8: Visa processing

Finally, we help the students to make certain pre-departure arrangements such as Forex, Insurance, Air Ticketing, and accommodation. 

If you are confident to pursue your higher studies in the USA, you should consider using our educational consultant services. Most of our services are free and offered professionally and promptly. Decide carefully and wisely when it comes to selecting your overseas education partner.

At Medmission, we do not charge for guidance and counseling:

We provide counseling for free of cost. We aim to make your USA course application procedure simple and smooth. We have a team of counselors who will help you with pre-departure briefings, visa process, offer letters, application procedure, course selection, and university selection. We have helped and successfully placed more than 10,000 students in top colleges or universities in the USA. We are proud and happy that we were able to assist them in pursuing their higher education in their dream destination.

Consult the Medmission team and book your free counseling session!

Walk into our office and book a free consultation session with one of the top USA admission experts in Bihar. Our counselor will guide you personally, considering your budget, preferences and educational background to help you in getting admission in top medical colleges in USA. Our support would not end with the college admission letter. We will assist you until you reach the country and start your academic preparation. Come, meet us. We are happy to help you at any time.


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