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PR Visa Canada

Canada PR Visa

Canada has been rated as the best country and also takes the first place in terms of living by the UN. It is a dreamland for many dreamers and many people wish to settle in a beautiful country. To settle in Canada, the best option recommended is Permanent Resident Visa Canada. If you are planning to immigrate to Canada through the PR visa Canada process, then there are certain instructions that must be followed. It demands many applications and eligibility criteria. To make sure that your PR visa process goes through them safely, then you must seek advice and help from a good consultant company. One such popular consultant company is Medmission, famed for its visa and other related successes.

Though there are many other consultant services in the market, it cannot be trusted on the whole as most of the case has been duped. But it is not the case with Medmission. Our company is known for its true and loyal service with accuracy over 95% successes.

Before, you apply for the pr visa Canada, first get to know about it.

Canada PR Visa

The immigrants are granted with PR Visa who will have all the rights just like Canadian citizens like the right to live and work in Canada. To get the PR visa of Canada, the applicant must first apply to the immigration department, then the Refugees and then IRCC – Citizenship Canada. This requires filling of applications and other related forms that must be filled and submitted rightly. To ensure one does not make any mistake in the application and submission process, consult Medmission. We will guide you smoothly through the process and ensure success.

How Medmission Helps in Gathering Prime Documents For PR Visa Canada?

Documents are one of the most important parts of the visa process. The candidates are requested to read all the documents carefully and understand them clearly before applying. One must be very careful while filling the forms as even a small mistake can make their visa pr process delay or put their application in trouble.

Therefore to avoid all kinds of unfavored situations, be free and consult Medmission for the smooth visa process. The ITA form filling is the most crucial step, so make sure to consult our consultancy and be ready to get settled in Canada.

The prime documents that are required for the pr visa Canada are as follows.


Transforming from the Temporary Work Permit to Permanent Resident (PR) Card.

Getting a temporary work permit or certificate is said to be the step for PR (permanent residence) in Canada. It is true. If you have an active work permit card in Canada, you have several options to transform it into the Permanent Residency.

Is it possible for the work permit visa holder to apply for permanent residency in Canada?

Yes, it is possible. You need to check the Canada immigration programs which permit temporary foreign workers to apply and get permanent residency in Canada. The three kinds of immigration programs in Canada are FSWP (Federal Skilled Worker Program), PNP (Provincial Nominee Program), and CEC (Canadian Experience Class).


Are you interested to transform from the temporary work permit to permanent residency (PR) status in Canada?

If your answer is Yes, you need to approach Medmission. Our experienced and competent immigration professionals will handle your case in a quick and appropriate manner. Our team of professionals includes consultants, licensed paralegals, and lawyers. We are one of the successful and leading immigration companies that ensures to offer the highest levels of client service.

Therefore, consult our consultancy service, Medmission and be free from all stress related to PR visa Canada.

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