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Every parent would wish to give the best education for their kids. But in some cases, they face certain limitations in the form of grades, eligibility or finances. Well, if you feel that your dream of making your kid a doctor is impossible due to that limitation, you need to consider opting MBBS in China. At Medmission, we assist to fulfill your dream of making your kid pursue MBBS in China. It is well known that it is hard to get MBBS confirmed seats in the Indian Universities.

The entrance tests and NEET/AIPMT/MH-CET are challenging to complete and getting a medical seat in the Indian University has become a bet of luck. Due to this, just 2% of the students get admission through these tests. Remaining 98% of the students start to search for private colleges (usually has high MBBS fee structure) or consider studying abroad as a last alternative.

In recent years, MBBS programs in China, the USA, Russia, and several nations are very popular. Moreover, the MBBS Colleges in China and Universities is said to be the best medical programs in the world. Pursuing MBBS in China is the most cost affordable and truly outstanding option. 

MBBS Degree in China

In correspondence to the schooling standard in other nations, the quality and standard of education in China is far better and more in demand. The education curriculum for several courses including medicine is planned and designed under the strict guidance and observation of the recognized experts in the specific subjects. Moreover, there are subject matter experts (SME) who play an important role in the confirmation of study materials and course materials.

In China, the course curriculum is simple to understand even for students who perform below average. The proportion of aspirants searching for admission in popular medical universities and colleges in China is rapidly increasing because of several good reasons. Let us discuss everything in detail about pursuing MBBS in China. If you love to learn MBBS in China and your dream is to become a doctor, you should be aware of this information. 

If you see the facilities and amenities available in the top universities of China, you will definitely find it unmatched. The medical universities in China are known for the state of art infrastructure that includes 24x7 Wi-Fi connectivity, digital library, good ventilation, power backup, water facility round the clock, laboratories with the advanced equipment, facilities for practical classes, auditoriums for general meetings, 100% safe, healthy study and engaging environment.

Students who are already studying MBBS in China share that they are having an excellent study environment and they are confident about their journey to a bright career. There are several MCI recognized medical colleges and universities in China. It is recommended for students who wish to start or continue their course in medicine.

In the last 10 years, there has been a large percentage of candidates from India to enroll in the MBBS program in several top Chinese medical colleges. Several candidates have completed their program and have started to practice in the health centers in India and some students are pursuing their Masters in China.

The aspirants have started to show a lot of interest to study MBBS in China. As there is a lot of competition in the home country- India, the aspirants are looking for alternative options that are close to home and at the same cost-competitive. In simple words, getting your medical degree in China is very reasonable.

The total fee cost is lesser than the private medical universities in China. Moreover, the screening process is simple and students can easily book their seats for themselves. It is also possible to satisfy your dream of getting MBBS admission in a top college in China with professional assistance offered to you by well experienced consultant- Medmission located in Kolkata, Patna, and Delhi.

Are you wondering why college fee is affordable in Chinese medical universities?

MBBS in China Fee Structure is very low. Most parents ask this question the reason behind the cheap college fee. It is also one of the frequently asked questions by many aspirants who wish to pursue MBBS in China. It is important to know that the medical institutes and organizations are possessed by government in China and as a result the medical institutions get a lot of government funding and support.

Public health and education were the sole focus under the Communist group rule. It has resulted in the renovation and establishment of several infrastructures of medical equipment, hospitals, hospital buildings, blood banks, labs and more. They were constructed to avoid deadly issues under a particular drive and furthermore to ensure the hassle-free convenience of medical facilities to the public at a reasonable cost. It has resulted in great promotion of medical education by medical institutions. They have a large capacity of seats that could accommodate more than 2000 students.

All the state-managed medical institutions in China are kept available and open for students arriving from abroad or wish to study MBBS in China. Assisting such overseas students takes the unlimited benefit of low fees as a share of globalization of edification.  Another reason to boost more foreign students for medical field courses was to earn foreign exchange. 

Why you should select China for MBBS studies?

There are various favorable reasons that motivate a student to study MBBS in China. Thousands of Indian students lose an opportunity to get MBBS seats in the medical colleges in India every year. As a result, the students who are strongly determined to accomplish their dream plan to pursue MBBS in international countries like China. If you deeply explore, you will find that there has been a high percentage of female and male candidates from India step to China to study MBBS. It has been increased considerably.

Some of the top factors to choose MBBS in China

About China

China is an East Asian country that is known to have the largest populace in the world. It is also said to be one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. China is popularly referred to as the People’s Republic. The country has witnessed exceptional growth beyond the probability in the last 30 years across various sectors.

The percentage of candidates arriving in China for MBBS has been increased considerably. The education sector in the country is impeccable particularly in the medical domains motivating international students for medical degrees in China providing MBBS courses in world-class standards.

Candidates with a lot of expectations are finding it hard to get admission to the top leading colleges and so they choose China to pursue MBBS at a comparatively reasonable tuition fee.  China remains to be an excellent option for students who are considering foreign universities to study, improve themselves and their thinking so as to be worthy of the medical profession. If you want to fulfill your dream of being a doctor, you need to choose one of the top universities in China.



Language Spoken

Chinese Standard


1.4 billion


960,00,00 sq. km




Chinese folk religion, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, and several religion followers

Ruling party

Communist group of China

Country Code



Basic Eligibility to Pursue MBBS in China

The country has an impressive history and several interesting places to visit. One of the top tourist spots in China is the Great Wall of China, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. There are several educational institutions in China dedicated to providing medical education equal to international standards to aspirants enrolling for professional courses. Students can select from more than 45 MCI renowned universities in China.

The students should have a qualified NEET exam and should have 50% aggregate marks in Mathematics, Biologics, Chemistry, and Physics. The duration of the MBBS program in China is 6 years. 

Why you should approach Medmission for MBBS in China?

There are several benefits of approaching medmission for pursuing your MBBS degree in China. Some of the top benefits are as follows:

To know more about accommodation and fee details for the MBBS in China, contact Medmission.



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