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Philippines is one of the best destinations for studying MBBS. Students from India, German, USA, UK, and Ukraine want to get MBBS Admission in Philippines. On an average 90,000 students from foreign countries go to Philippines for their studies. Top medical universities in Philippines follow US education system. They provide theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Most of the top medical college in Philippines is accredited by WHO and MCI. Philippine is ranked 46th for its superior education standard. The Philippine climate is similar to India's climate so students from India can easily adapt to the climate.

Duration of MBBS course in Philippines:

The course offered in Philippine is called BS – MD which is similar to the MBBS course in India. In Philippines the total duration of the BS-MD course is six years which includes 1 year of internship. In the first sixteen months the subjects will be focused on the basis of science program and the establishment of medical education. After that for the next four years the subjects will focus completely on clinical subject and medicine study.

During the last final year, the students will be allocated to the hospital for their job rotation and practical training. They will be working under senior doctors and treat patients and also learn medicine. Students must appear for the International exams like USMLE. Students who pursue MBBS in Philippines colleges can easily clear these exams. 

Mode of Instruction:

For medicine the mode of instruction in Philippine is English. It is not mandatory to write English proficiency tests like IELTS and TOEFL.

Eligibility Criteria:

Eligibility criteria for joining MBBS course in Philippine are listed below


Once you finalized the college fill the application form and attach all the necessary documents. After the verification process, the college will send you the admission letter. Visit Philippine embassy with the admission letter and follow the procedure for applying for visa.

Application form, valid passport, Passport size photo, health certificate provided by a recognized hospital, Original notice for acceptance (NOA), Clearance certificate issue in Philippine embassy. Students must submit a proof for paying capacities like bank balance, land or house agreement. 

Tuition fee:

Many medical colleges in Philippines offer low fee structure for Indian students. INR 2.27 Lakh per year is the minimum tuition fee and the maximum tuition fee is around INR 6 Lakhs per year. The other expense will be around INR 7,000 to 8,000 which include hostel fee, food and travel expenses. You do not need to pay donation and capitation fee for joining MBBS in Philippines.


The degree obtained by a medical student from Philippine is approved by World Health Organization, Educational Commission for Foreign Medical graduated (ECFMG) and IMED. It is also recognized by the Medical Council of India, the World Federation for Medical education and FAIMER (Foundation of Advancement of International Medical Education and Research).

Future Career:

The medical degree provided in Philippine is accepted in all the countries. Students who completed their medical degree in Philippine can directly apply for United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE). After clearing this exam they can work in top countries like USA, UK, and Canada. Even you can get employment offer in Philippine with a good package. You can also apply for the postgraduate course. Most students who complete MBBS in Philippine join clinical research jobs. If you like to work in India after the completion of the course then you must clear the MCI screening exam conducted by the central government.

Other medical courses offered in Philippine colleges:

The foundation medical course offered in Philippine colleges is BS. The duration of the course is two years and it has four semesters. After course completion, students must appear for the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) test conducted by Philippine government.

Students interested in Oral medicines, radiology and diagnosis can join the dentistry program offered in many medical colleges. The duration of the course is six years and the students can directly join this after completing their schoolings.

Bachelor in Pharmacy is a four-year course and this the students will be introduced to the important drug, application of drugs and also the side effects.

Students who like to become a nurse should complete a bachelor's degree in Nursing. The duration of the course is four years. Proper medication systems and taking care of patients are focused on this program.

If you like to specialize in a particular field after completing the undergraduate program you must join a post-graduate program called MDS. The duration of the course is three years. This program will improve the skill and knowledge of the student in a particular field. 

About Philippines

Also referred to as Republic of Philippines, the country is located in Southeast Asia that is Western Pacific Ocean. Manila is the capital of Philippines. It is popular for its centuries-old Chinatown and waterfront. For almost 50 years, Philippines was the colony of the United States of America and hence the country still follows American standards and systems of education.

The country Philippines is the instituting member of the East Asia Summit, Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum, Association of SouthEast Asian Nations, World Trade Organization and the United Nations. Philippines also houses the headquarter branch of the world's popular Asian Development Bank. The country has demonstrated great development in the economy ranging from agriculture, manufacturing, and services. Being a part of the United Nations, the country is also an active and founding member of Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN).

As it plays an important part in the United Nations, the country has been selected several times for the Security Council. Philippines also plays an active role in the peacekeeping missions and Human Rights Council.

Philippines has a tropical climate that is mostly humid and hot. During January, the temperature remains the coolest and during May, the temperature remains the warmest. 

Top Universities to Study MBBS in Philippines

Our Lady of Fatima University: It is one of the top universities for MBBS education in Philippines. The college has been functioning for more than 40 years and has graduated more than 30,000 medical practitioners to date from all disciplines.  The university consists of 5 buildings with sophisticated and latest medical lab equipment that caters the Panel of Medical Education standards. It also consists of a computer laboratory with internet access to perform research work and network with other medical students.

Emilio Aguinaldo College: It is considered as one of the prominent and renowned medical universities to pursue MBBS in Philippines. Dr. Paulo C. Campos founded Emilio Aguinaldo College in 1957. The college is popular for its excellent quality medical coaching and courses provided at a reasonable price. At the start, the name of the college was Marian College. Later, it was renamed to General Emilio Aguinaldo College. The college has two campuses- one in Cavite and another one in Manila.

Manila Central University: It is well known medical university in Philippines that is situated in Caloocan City, Manila. It is also said to be one of the eldest medical universities that were founded in 1904. It is a private university and provides various types of medical courses to individuals who come from other nations and from Philippines. Some of the top topics you study during the MMBS program are as follows:

Cagayan State University: Founded in 1993, Cagayan State University is located in Tuguegarao City. Cagayan State University remains unique from other universities by its presentation in licensure examinations. It is one of the best medical schools in Manila, Philippines. It is preferred by a lot of overseas students because of quality education and low-cost fee structure. The university has 8 campuses in different districts of Cagayan.

The medical college is equipped with state of art facilities and also extensively maintained. The library consists of large stocks of publications and books related to the medical science field. Cafeterias and canteens are located within the campus. The university offers free dental checkups and medical checkups to students. They provide snacks and meals at affordable prices to students. The college has spacious seminar rooms and lecture theatres along with a wide range of medical facilities for the learners. 

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