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Russia finds its spot in Eastern Europe and Asia and is known to be the largest country in the whole world in terms of landmass. It is also popularly and officially called as Russian Federation, while Moscow is the largest city of Russia and is tagged as the country’s capital.

Russia is one of the most popular destinations in the world not only in terms of tourism but also in education especially in the field of MBBS. It attracts thousands of students every year for its high-end medical coaching back from the Soviet Era. The WHO – World Health Organization has also tagged as many as 30 colleges in Russia amongst the top 100 medical colleges in the world. Students graduating from Medical Colleges of Russia have known to acquire top positions in the medical fields all over the globe. It is the most favored option for the students because of its highly funded fee by the Health & Education Minister of Russia when collated with other countries in the West.

Low medical fees and high-quality education are some of the most prime reasons to opt for Direct Admission in MBBS in Russia. There are many medical universities in Russia, almost 57 in number out of which 30 has acquired its spot in the top medical universities in the world. The teacher and student ratio are 7:1 in all the universities in Russia. There are 12 universities that provide English medium as a base education in MBBS.

It has been recently witnessed an upsurge in the students preferring medical education in Russia. The reason is for the great education and also the universities have been recognized by the leading countries' medical Council such as Australia, Canada, U.K, U.S.A, Middle East, India, etc.

The course for the medical studies duration is 6 years. The students are also given an option to study the MBBS in the Russian medium for which the duration would include 7 years, as one year for the language training.

Why Prefer MBBS in Russia?

MBBS in Russia is the most preferred choice for the majority of the students because they can get direct admission to the medical college without passing out any medical exam. Also, the fee for the MBBS is also very low because of the government of Russia funds for education. Students graduating from Russian Medical Universities can practice anywhere in the world because all the colleges of Russia have been recognized by the MCI and WHO. Hence, many prefer Russian medical universities for quality education and supreme practical knowledge.

The medical universities in Russia provide great facilities and fully furnished room for its students along with fresh, delicious and quality food. The students are eligible for scholarships also if they meet the demands of the scholarship criteria. The best part about education in Russia is that the students not only pay a minimal fee but also are given medical insurances and are eligible for full treatment if they demand.

The screening test for the MCI is trained to the students during their medical course and the entire professors are also aware of the screening test. The universities in Russia also teach the Russian language to its students so that it may be convenient for them to interact with the patients during their time in medical practice.

Benefits of MBBS in Russia

Russia Medical Education Quality

The best part about education in Russia is that it provides great quality education, hands-on experience, and practical knowledge and all this in real-life situations. It offers a systematic, smooth and a great online system. The universities in Russia are known to have gained experience in teaching for as many as 150 years and offer better knowledge in the medical field when compared to other universities in the world. It guarantees a great career if one graduates from the medical universities of Russia.

The MBBS courses in Russia are known to have the most recognized and advanced teaching method and equipment. The route to communicate education is managed and streamlined, resulting in the complete development of the students. They make sure that the students are exposed to all kinds of situations and assist help everywhere. They train the students to be better medical workers and not just for fees and payments. They monitor each and every student separately and focus on their field in expertise.  

Also, the fees in the Russian medical universities are comparatively very low and it demands no hidden costs too. So it comes with a great education and low payment of fees. It is, on the whole, a very good opportunity and an amazing package. It is now known to be the dream destination for many medical aspirants.

Low Eligibility for Admission

Russia has set a very low criterion for admission with a minimum of 50% to 65% in 12th PCB. Also, the subjects are very similar to those of Indian subjects making it very easy and convenient for Indian Students. The Russian MBBS education maintains its diversity and uniformity which is very rare and a unique combination. This makes it more convincing to opt for a medical course in Russia.

The medical course is not only suitable and easy for Indian students but also for other students all over the world. They are provided with aid and are taken care of all their needs and requirements to ensure the students get a quality education. It assures a great medical career all over the world for Russia enjoys the benefits of topping the best universities in the medical field.

Availability of Seats

There is no shortage of medical seats in Russia. There are many amazing universities that offer a great course in the medical field. Also, the student-teacher ratio is perfect for practice. The students are trained individually and ensure they are open to all kinds of exposures and opportunities in real-life situations.

The medical institutions in Russia are very well aware of the MCI regulations. So, they train the students for the MCI test to get them qualified and registered for the students to practice in their respective countries. Few countries demand MCI screening test for the qualifications. Keeping this in mind, the Russian institutions offer good training in the test so that students do not face any difficulties after graduating from their institutions.

Cost of Living in Russia

The prime point about studying in Russia is the cost of living. Many students close their doors to study in Russia thinking about living expenses. But in reality, the cost of living for a student is very low compared to other countries. Since the education fee is much less, they can easily live a quality student life and that would include food and other expenses as well.

Russia has become a point of attraction for its great quality education, low fees structure, and affordable student living cost. Instead of spending the amount on your country for medical fees and other miscellaneous costs, one could just spend it in Russia and the best part, they can also save a few dollars too.

Tips for Students

The most supreme thing that must be kept in mind while studying abroad is to first study the country and its surroundings before directly joining the university. Make sure you have an idea about the country's knowledge, culture, and lifestyle so that you can adjust to the new surrounding easily.

Also, when you are in a completely new place, make sure to carry enough copies of your important documents like the passport, visa, etc so that you do not face any legal problems in your stay. Make sure you present yourself the best for you are the sole representative of your country. 

Why you should select medmission for MBBS in Russia?

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