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Are you planning to graduate MBBS in one of the top foreign countries? Why not give a try in Kazakhstan? It comes as a relief for many students who fear high fee structure. It is known to deliver quality education in the medical field and is also very low in fee structure when compared to other countries around the globe. It is a relief for many students worldwide for they offer great study programs and also have bright opportunities for the graduates. They are famed to provide many amazing programs giving good opportunities and exposures to its students.

Why do we suggest MBBS in Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan’s medical universities are famed worldwide for their standard schooling methodology. These universities are known to provide great clinical practice for their students so that they are practically exposed to the outside real world. The universities in Kazakhstan ensure that all their students are given sufficient practical exposure so that they are ready in their professional field. The medical universities in Kazakhstan have earned their names around the world for their high-quality education and for imparting practical clinical training and practices.

The high-rated medical universities in Kazakhstan are recognized by USMLE, WHO, IMED, MCI, and GMC. The universities are also known to provide good courses to its students which are very beneficial not only in Kazakhstan but all around the world.

Kazakhstan has evolved as a great nation in terms of the medical field and attracts thousands of students every year worldwide. The MBBS in Kazakhstan is also immensely valued everywhere. Also, it is not a very difficult task to get a medical seat in Kazakhstan when compared to other countries.

There are many advantages to studying medicine in Kazakhstan and they are as follows.

Reason to Study Medical in Kazakhstan

There are many reasons to study in medical colleges in Kazakhstan. It is known for one of the best countries in terms of medical education. The other reasons include,

Apart from this, there are many reasons to opt for MBBS in Kazakhstan. It is the perfect place for those aspiring students who wish to become great doctors at a reasonable cost. The prime reason to opt for studying medical in Kazakhstan is the low fee structure because most of the countries charge very high for the medical seats. Also, it becomes very tough for the students for they have to clear out entrance exams followed by other small exams. They also charge a heavy amount for each exam making it unmanageable for the aspiring students.

The tuition fee and the admission fee are very high in most countries forcing the aspiring students to give up their medical dream. Hence, most of the students prefer medical education in Kazakhstan in terms of lower fee rates and also for the great quality in education. The Kazakhstan medical universities are provided with modern facilities and are known to provide an excellent infrastructure for the students.

The students also need not prove their language proficiency by appearing for the TOUFL and IELTS to appear for the medical seats.

Accommodation Facilities in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan offers a medical course for the duration of 6 years, which includes an internship of 1 year in government and private hospitals. It is also studied that the students are much safer in Kazakhstan for the government provides proper safety and security for its foreign students.

Syllabus for MBBS Study in Kazakhstan

The syllabus in the medical universities of Kazakhstan is very much similar to that of the medical universities in India. They are provided with superior facilities so that they are skilled in medicine and also the complex problems related to the body.

Once the students complete the 2nd year in their medical course in Kazakhstan, they are sent to private and government hospitals for training. Once they complete the 6th year, the aspirants must work under the senior doctors to gain experience and knowledge. This way they learn and also get trained at the same time preparing for the great future ahead.

After the completion of MBBS in Kazakhstan, the students are provided with many opportunities. They can either start practicing in Kazakhstan or they can return to their homeland and practice there. For the Indian Students, they must appear for the FMGE/MCI Screening exam. If they secure good marks in the exam, they can start their medical practice in India as well. For other country students, they can directly start practicing their medicine in their homeland.

Admission Process for MBBS in Kazakhstan

The admission process in Kazakhstan is very easy and simple. It demands no extra fee or donation and is also hassle-free. The following are the procedure for admission to Kazakhstan. 

Application Details and Procedure for MBBS to Indian Students

Many students have been graduated from the finest universities of Kazakhstan and are also shining bright in the medical world. They make sure the students graduating from the Kazakhstan universities keep up their name and fame and are prepared for all the circumstances and situations. The students are trained in the practical world in a real-life situation making them confident and bold to face the world.

There are amazing medical schools in Kazakhstan giving one plenty of opportunities to choose from. So there would not be much problem to choose a good medical school as most of the medical schools are recognized worldwide. Hence while perusing studies make sure you are prepared about the country's culture so that you do not fall for any legal reasons. Also, ensure to taste the delicious delicacies of Kazakhstan for they are very popular worldwide. 

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