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Bangladesh is a South Asian country and it is best known for its waterways and greenways. Students choose Bangladesh for studying MBBS mainly because of two reasons. They are the quality of the course and an affordable fee structure. Most students from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, Palestine, Australia, Malaysia, and Pakistan study medicine in Bangladesh.

MBBS in Bangladesh is given the second rank and the first rank is for India. Students from India prefer Bangladesh instead of other countries for studying MBBS since the culture and food of Bangladesh is similar to India. In the future, Bangladesh will be the best place for students who wish to study MBBS in Bangladesh. The top medical universities in Bangladesh are approved by the MCI. There are more than fifty private medical colleges and more than twenty-five public medical colleges in Bangladesh.

Fees Structure: 

Many medical colleges in Bangladesh offer affordable price structure for the students. On average it will cost INR 20,000 to complete the MBBS course in Bangladesh. They provide scholarships for girl students. The other expenses like hostel and food will be very low. The total estimation of the MBBS course in Bangladesh including Hostel and food is INR 40 Lakh. 

Duration of the MBBS program in Bangladesh:

It is a five-year program and the course is mainly focused on the basis of clinical activities. After the five-year MBBS program, the students must complete one year of rotatory internship. The exam will be conducted at the end of each semester. The duration of one semester is six months. For the MBBS program in Bangladesh, the mode of instruction is English. The five-year MBBS course in Bangladesh is divided into three different phases. The first phase is Pre-clinical, the next phase of the MBBS program is para-clinical and the last phase of the program is a clinical phase. 

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS program in Bangladesh: 

Documents needed for joining MBBS program in Bangladesh: 

Application Process: 

 Recognition of MBBS program in Bangladesh 

The top universities which offer MBBS program in Bangladesh are recognized by WFME (World Federation for Medical Education), Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), Medical Council Of India (MCI), Ministry of Education, Bangladesh and World Health Organization (WHO). 

Advantages of pursuing MBBS from Bangladesh 

We have shared certain salient points to consider MBBS in Bangladesh. If you are looking to study MBBS outside India, you will definitely feel excited to read these advantages. 

List of Best Colleges in Bangladesh: 

Some of the important things to remember when considering best MBBS College in Bangladesh. Most of the students do not know these pitfalls and end up facing several issues. 

Know about Bangladesh before planning to study MBBS in Bangladesh 

When you visit Bangladesh, you will feel like almost visiting another Indian state. You would not see much differences as this country has everything similar to India. The admission process is quick challenging in this country, especially for the MBBS. It is where Med Mission plays an important role. The majority of the landscapes of Bangladesh are green fertile lands. 

The northeast and southeast regions of the country consist of thick green hill ranges. Moreover, the three major Asian rivers comprising the Brahmaputra, the Meghna, and the Ganges flow through this beautiful country and develop the fertile landscape of Bengal delta. 

The air temperature does not go below zero degrees Celsius in Bangladesh. Here, you can experience humid and warm monsoon season that occurs from June to October, thus contributing the majority of Bangladesh’s rainfall. The main language of this country is Bangla. However, Arabic, Hindi and English and various other languages are spoken all over the country. The majority of the population in this country follows Islam, followed by Hindus, Buddhists, and Christians. Both non-vegetarian and vegetarian foods are available in the country. There are also several Indian restaurants that provide delicious Indian foods at affordable prices.

Why you should select medmission for your MBBS degree in Bangladesh?

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Advantages of consulting medmission: 

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