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Canada provides numerous opportunities for overseas students who wish to do their higher education in Canada. Students from various parts of the world prefer to study MBBS in Canada as it is one of the favorite and convenient destinations. It has some of the best 100 universities and colleges in the world. The students pursuing their education in Canada can come across top-notch academics, best research facilities, and expert faculty and at the same time greater job opportunities after completing their education in Canada. Furthermore, the education system in Canada is known for the assortment of academic programs and the quality of education they offer.

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At Medmission, we offer comprehensive services to assist students to select the excellent institution / MBBS colleges / university that caters to their educational goals. Moreover, we offer counseling services all through the study period. Here is our list of academic services we offer to our clients:

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If you have plans to settle or study in Canada, you need to work with our team. We are one of the leading Canada immigration consultants who help you in various ways. We are the only company that provides comprehensive services covering academics, integration in Canada, legal services and immigration to Canada. Get in touch with our Medmission team and start your way to Canada.

Study in Canada after 10th/12th

Many students prefer to study in Canada after finishing their 10th or 12th standard. It is not easy to join in any of the Canadian institutes. If you are very much serious about pursuing your higher education in Canada, you need to prepare a plan and follow the plan. Remember, the institute you are choosing to study will make numerous differences in your life. So, you have to take every step carefully and at the same time never compromise your education standards.

Requirements to study in Canada after completing 10th/12th

Medmission helps you and counsel you in choosing an appropriate institution to join in Canada after the 10th or 12th standard.

Study in Canada after graduation

The students have to fulfill certain requirements to get selected in the top university to study after graduation. As an Indian student, he/she should meet the least English language requirements. Moreover, the student should have scored 70 to 80% in Commerce or Science and 65% in Humanities in Class 12.

 What are the documents needed?

Bachelors Program in Canada

Degree recognition: Education is important provincial accountability and has a high standard all over the world. Undergraduate programs provided in Canada differ from three to five years, helps in grooming undergraduates and assist them to lead a best and successful professional career. The Bachelor program in Canada is well accepted and recognized all over the world for lucrative job opportunities and magnificent academic quality.

Subjects for Bachelors program: Applied Business Technology, Bio-Resources and Agriculture, Technology and Applied Health Care, Computer Science, Business Administration, Travel and Hospitality, Culinary, Design and Applied Arts, Fine and Performing Arts, Applied Technology and Engineering Technology, Engineering, Trades and Apprenticeship, Teacher Education, Religious and Theological Studies, Public Administration and Policy, Nursing, and Allied Health, natural and Applied Sciences, Humanities, and Liberal Arts.

Academic Calendar: There are a lot of similarities in the academic calendar for universities in Canada and the United States. Generally, an academic year consists of one session and two terms. The winter term starts in January and finishes in April and the fall term begins from September till December. After the winter term, the summer session begins. It usually begins in early May and continues till mid of August.

Degree structure: The education pattern in Canada is slightly different when compared with other countries. It differs mostly from one state to another and one region to another. A Bachelor’s degree or undergraduate degree program mostly takes around three years. However, it can even get extended for a maximum of four years. The duration to obtain undergraduate certification mostly range from one to two years. It is mostly as per the subjects selected.

According to the educational institution where the student is doing their program or course, the student will receive a degree, award or certificate on the achievement of the program or course. While university or university colleges provide degrees, diplomas, and certificates, on the other hand, community colleges provide only certificates and diplomas after accomplishing higher education. Courses are provided in both French and English. The medium of instruction is English.

Masters Program in Canada

There are certain guidelines to follow when applying for Masters or Postgraduate program in Canada.

 Courses for Masters Program in Canada

Cost of Masters Program in Canada

When you compare with other countries, you will find the cost of learning in Canada is far reasonable. It ranges from INR 8.5 Lacs to 15 Lacs per year. Usually, the Master’s program will be one to two years in Canada. Some of the subjects such as biotechnology engineering will take around three years.

Hotel Management In Canada

In Canada, several colleges provide hotel and hospitality management courses. It includes a list of part-time and full-time courses that are approved by the recognized American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute. The courses would cater to the worldwide professional industry levels. Each course and program is prepared to help students face the competitive scenario, to remain universally active and to subsidize the economy.

 Benefits of pursuing hotel management in Canada


Admission Requirements: 

If the students did not meet any of the mentioned requirements, they can enhance their English skills at CCEL prior to applying to the Canadian college.

 Top colleges for hospitality and hotel management in Canada

If you have plans to do Hotel Management in Canada, approach Medmission. Our team will share complete eligibility details and steps to approach the college for admission. We help you step by step so that you can easily get your admission to the college you wished for.

Study MBA in Canada

MBA College in Canada is an excellent investment for your future. It is the course that involves more than leading a team or reading a spreadsheet. It is a door that welcomes opportunity and change. Universities like the University of Canada West, Rotman, McGill and Queen provide an MBA program that offers the students a chance to enhance their skills to face real-time business challenges spontaneously.

Benefits of studying MBA in Canada

Possibilities and opportunities: The business schools in Canada provide sufficient importance to academics as well as several avenues. It helps the students to display their skill sets and creativity at the best level.

Ease of immigration: It is simple to obtain the Canadian Student Visa. If needed, you can approach Medmission and apply for permanent residency after completion of the MBA program.

Diverse cultures: The society in Canada consists of various ethnic groups. As the country has a multicultural society, it permits you to witness the cultures around the world, making you capable of working along and also lead a company or business with numerous cultural groups.

Globally valued certification: An MBA degree from Canada is recognized equivalent to a certificate, degree or diploma that will be recognized around the world.

Eligibility to pursue MBA in Canada

Canada provides different MBA programs such as Generalized MBA Program, Specialized MBA and Combined MBA. The student has to meet certain eligibility criteria to pursue their MBA programs. Here are some of the basic and important eligibility factors.

Top colleges to pursue MBA in Canada

Study MBA in Canada: How to apply?

It is best to approach immigration or educational consultants like Medmission. If your ambition is to pursue an MBA in one of the top colleges in Canada, discuss it with our team. Medmission will guide you in choosing the best college for your MBA program as well as fill the application form in a fast and accurate manner. We know how the application procedure works and guide you in doing it in the right manner. We also assist you in making use of a scholarship scheme designed especially for international students.

Study Engineering in Canada

If you want to study engineering on campus in Canada such as the University of Alberto or the University of Waterloo or Concordia University, you need to get help from the experts- Medmission. Engineering is an excellent field of study that teaches about the best methods of designing the products and how particular items function. There are different kinds of engineering like architectural, mechanical, biomedical, computer, civil, etc. Canada has a plethora of options when it comes to Engineering programs- both Bachelor's and Master's degrees. If you want guidance in finding the best Engineering school in Canada, approach Medmission.

Basic requirements to pursue Engineering in Canada

Top colleges to pursue Engineering in Canada

Medical Studies in Canada

In Canada, there are more than 14 colleges that provide medical and health programs that admit overseas students. Once you graduate in college, you can start to work in your native country as well as in Canada. The country has a global health care system that permits residents to obtain the medical care and attention they require for an extremely low price or free of cost. The knowledge you gain in these programs and skills you enhance help you in seeking a job in your country. Each medical program will offer a strong knowledge of medical terminology and health care and also the talent to effectively treat patients.

Medical Course Duration

Medical admission in Canada

The MCAT (Medical College of admission test) is a multiple-choice, standardized exam prepared to assess student’s writing, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills along with the knowledge of scientific principles and concepts necessary for the study of Medicine. There are four sections in the test. It includes the Biological Sciences, Physical sciences, Verbal reasoning, and the writing session. If you want to know about complete test details and other admission procedures, feel free to contact Medmission. We make the entire Medicine admission process simple and transparent.

Top Medical Colleges in Canada

Work Permit in Canada

After completing your Bachelor's degree or Master's degree in Canada, you are allowed to work until you wish. If you want to work even after your education, you have to apply for PR.

International students who are pursuing their education in Canada are allowed to work about 20 hours per week either part-time or full time during vacations or public holidays. The partner of the student is allowed to work full time. Certain Canadian colleges and universities offer a co-operative program where the students are permitted to work according to their course in the associated field and also earn for the work they are doing.

Students are allowed for work permit post-study for about three years if in case the study program is a minimum of around 2 years. In some cases, the work permit will be the same and equal to their course duration. After graduating from a university or school in Canada, international students will gain points within Skilled Migrant Category. They can apply for permanent residency in Canada.

For a comprehensive idea of education costs, work permit visa, permanent resident in Canada, and other complete details, reach Medmission for free counseling. We will explain the entire procedure and clarify all your doubts.


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